Where focus goes, energy flows...

What the athletes say…

 “Tom is genuine leader that gives room for any level of swimmer and pushes them individually. He gives straight and understandable feedback and is a great pedagogue when it comes to theoretical practice. I've improved my swimming with 20 seconds / 100 m since I joined Tom's squad and I won’t stop there.”

“Tom's Running Mini Clinics are great! Tom focuses on the important parts that actually gives result and boils them down to something simple and understandable. By combining theory with individual analysis Tom ensures that everyone gets the absolute most out of the session.”

"Did my first Ironman in Copenhagen, thanks to Coach T I crushed my goal of a sub 11 hour and crossed the line at 10:17! Next year I'll be aiming for a sub 10 hour Ironman in Barcelona, I trust Coach T to take me there!"

"Coach T's swim squad sessions are always to the point and never boring, you always have to push yourself to finish the session, I love it!"

“Tom has created a unique, open to all, Westside swimrun gathering on Wednesdays around Kärsön. Great course and a great crowd.”

“As a plus 50 age grouper, Tom continues to inspire both with his performances and with his energy. His mantra of doing more with less, by training smarter as we age, proves that age is just a number.”